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Văn phòng xúc tiến du học Canada - Ngô Thị Lan Chi

Cảm nghĩ du học sinh

Ngô Thị Lan Chi

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  • + Dept: Math
  • + Age: 27
  • + Sex: Female

Tourist Training course in Vancouver

At the end of June 2010, I was part of a group of 24 people from hotel, travel companies and STHC School (Saigon Tourist Hotel College). We were all under one big family of Saigon tourist Corporation. I considered this quite fortunate for me to be selected for this trip to Canada for a course on tour Management in Vancouver, BC. Our trip was very smooth and well prepared thanks to the support, guidance and enthusiasm of Mr. Tam, Mr. Huyen ....

After a long flight, we set foot on Vancouver BC, the largest tourist city located on Canada's West coast. Vancouver is a large island in the Pacific Northwest. The Winter Olympics of 2010 took place in Whistler on Vancouver Island.

A first time to Vancouver might be surprised because it is so large. There are many things to discover - for example, you must be familiar with public transportation system here: bus, go "sky train", to "sea bus" or take the subway. Our group had no problems with this public because they are so convenient and easy to use. I was really impressed regarding the bus in Vancouver. Every time I get on a bus at the front door to show my bus ticket to the driver, I always get a smile from the driver and a greeting with "Good morning" and the sentence "Thank you". Often times the citizens of Vancouver say, "Thank you" for driving and they also received the reply: "You're welcome. Have a nice day! ". I'm afraid to use the buses in Vietnam, but like to use the bus in Vancouver.

If you go to use the sky train, you will have the opportunity to watch the city from the excessively high place without worrying about traffic jam.

Lucky for our group, we were able to see stunning beauty of Vancouver because we arrived during the spring season. Trees and flowers were blooming with extreme brilliance. Compared with other cities in Canada, Vancouver climate was quite mild. The air is fresh and the streets are quiet. Many are adorned with lovely houses decorated with a garden full of flowers – wonderful! Every morning on the way to school, my friend and I were admiring the gardens of one house with a specific construction. It was our favorite!

It can be said Vancouver is a city where nature is abundant, climate is favorable and the landscape is beautiful. People here are very friendly and nice. If you stop someone to ask directions, I am sure you will be greeted enthusiastically.

For your first visit to Vancouver, you will understand why this city has been voted as one of the best cities to live in the world in terms of security assessment, infrastructure and utility services. In the "wash room" (public toilets), people here keep it very clean, so when you need to use it, you are not afraid to go in.

If you like "perfect" sea food, then Vancouver is paradise for you. It is surrounded by sea and fish is very fresh and cheap. Reward yourself for after a day of studying very hard by eating barbecue lobster and King Crab without expensive price!

During the course, we had opportunity to get to know to each other. In the Canadian Tourism College (CTC), the school regulations required us to speak English to improve our foreign language skills. We studied Tourism with a female teacher. She was so cute and enthusiastic. Courses must be accompanied with practice so we had "live training" at Granville Island and Steveton. This gave us a good chance to discover learning in a practical and useful environment.

After three weeks at the CTC, we were sent to different companies to practice. I was lucky to be sent to Thomas Cook - I lived and observed the working environment in this company as well as how to organize their work. I actually learned a lot of interesting things from this travel agent. There were a lot of staff working in Thomas Cook and everyone was very busy. During the practice, our team was happy because we had friends – both old and new. We were always greeted with a friendly message.

When receiving the certificate on last day, everybody felt sad. I saw our teacher's eyes tear up when she said goodbye to our group.

All experience, memories about this place will never fade from my mind after one month staying in Vancouver. Finally, I believe that this beautiful city, friendly and peaceful will be a place I love forever.

Văn phòng đại diện

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